Patoro Cigars


Patoro by Patrik J. Martin and Dr. Pablo Richard is an incomparable gift to the true Aficionado, the passionate connoisseur. A cigar which seeks no equal for aroma, beauty and quality. Patoro portrays tangibly the world of pure luxury and good taste.

PASSION – Cigar connoisseurs consider the Dominican Republic as one of the best countries of origin and production for cigars worldwide. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that the Swiss cigar producer Patrik J. Martin has chosen this excellent base for the manufacture of its own awesome cigars. With his decades of experience, his intense tobacco experience and the sense of what the spoiled Aficionado desires the most, Patoro represents today the world of pure luxury, passion and taste.

QUALITY – Pure Cuban tobacco seeds, Dominican sun and the soil of Santiago create the valuable basis for each and every Patoro Cigar. The rich, nurturing soil combined with excellent experience in growing tobacco plants, gained over more than six generations, and the skillful hands of our master Torcedores, creates the unique taste of a masterpiece. Of particular pride are the rare Patoro wrappers – extremely delicate, of a selected, unmistakable and exquisite tobacco mixture, only reaches by using three to ten year old tobacco, fermented up to four times.

TRUE EXCELLENCE  – The precious hand-rolled cigars are carefully selected to match each other in a bunch of 10, 20 or 50 cigars, sorted into numbered cedar-wood boxes. Finally, the enclosed signed control cards guarantee the quality and the taste of the finished work of art of the Patoro Cigar.



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