Our Future

“I give because success unshared is failure”

John Paul Dejoria

Christian Luis Eiroa has three goals for the future of Honduras: building educational opportunities, reforestation, and renewable energy. Through La Angostura School, we can begin to build the future for the children of Honduras, but what happens by the time the children graduate? Most young men in Honduras find themselves addicted to alcohol by the time their teenage years roll around; while most women find themselves pregnant at all too young an age. Christian’s vision is build scholarships and opportunities for advanced education. By providing a means for children to grow, he believes that children will focus on a greater world of opportunities rather than following the footsteps of those before them.

Also, Christian has a vision of erasing the environmental footprint that we leave behind in Honduras. He sees that if we replant the forest where we take the wood to manufacture boxes, we can continue to maintain the landscape of the country. Christian grew up hearing stories of humongous trees that had a base so large twelve men would have to link arms to wrap around. Unfortunately, these trees no longer exist today. Over the years his company has been able to come to place where there is now zero impact left on the environment. We are no longer taking away from the natural beauty of his home country. But the goal is to be giving back and replenishing as much as we took from the generation before. And that is where we shall grow from here.

Finally, Christian envisions a future in Honduras that is powered by renewable energy. Whether it be wind, solar, hydro, or bioenergy powered, electricity is a commodity not all can afford to have. We could improve the lives of everyone in Honduras by extending the ability to create energy in this natural way. Christian strives to provide energy not just for our farms but also the neighboring communities where electricity is in high demand and not all can afford.

I don’t believe companies should just exist alone on taking profits, but are responsible to give back to those we rely on to make those profits” says Christian Luis Eiroa.