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Edgar “One Shot One Kill” Hoill has returned to the cigar business in the form of EH Cigars, a new company in association with Christian Eiroa. The Photographer Edgar G Hoill Renowned critics and fans of urban photography have grown accustom to the name Edgar Hoill. His shots are powerful, the messages he conveys are heart-felt, and when it comes to breaking the barriers to the most exclusive individuals and lifestyles, Edgar is there to capture the true essence of each setting.

As an amateur photographer, Edgar started over a decade ago capturing the beauty he found in what others would consider horrific or less than appropriate living conditions. From gangland imagery in the poverty ridden streets of Los Angeles to the high-profile organized crime bosses of the Yakuza in Japan, Edgar has seen, experience and captured what others only watch in movies.

It was during some of the shoots and chance run-ins, Edgar was able to capture some powerful images on the whim and just like a sniper, he’s never missed a shot, nor shaken a frame, thus the moniker One Shot One Kill. Yet his life is far from riddled with associations of just the underworld.

Edgar has also served his time doing the staple wedding and family photographs and when it comes to automotive photography, his name has graced hundreds of titles all across the world. Being well versed in different disciplines of photography has helped him create a diverse portfolio and while the style and subjects of photography may change the messages found in each of his images are powerful, though provoking and life changing.

The Brand OSOK One Shot One Kill OSOK was created to represent a lifestyle movement which captures chronicles and memorializes a lifestyle that only few can truly understand. From the gritty borders of Mexico, to the slums of Cuba, Edgar has captured some of the most notorious images from all walks of life.

Now famed photographer Edgar Hoill, has opened up the vault to nearly a decade worth or work and started up his own clothing brand called OSOK, as well as his own Cigar line, Edgar Hoill Cigars.

For those familiar with his sell-out galleries and international presence, his pieces have adorned the walls of Hollywood A-listers and his photographs are pieces which are not only seen but felt. Now fans of his work can literally wear their favorite canvas around town and with only limited quantities being printed, his shirts maintain the same integrity and passion as all of his original prints.

Join the movement. Feel the Passion. OSOK.



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