Asylum Schizo Maduro Press Release

Miami, FL – C.L.E. Cigar Company and Asylum Cigars are proud to announce the launch of the new Schizo Maduro. These cigars are a Medium to Full bodied for the everyday cigar smoker wanting to enjoy a full flavored Maduro cigar for an affordable price.

“People had been asking us to come out with a Schizo Maduro cigar, so we made it happen!” says Tom Lazuka, co-founder of Asylum Cigars.

The Schizo Maduros are short filler cigars hand made in Honduras, with a Maduro wrapper and are available in five different sizes which include; 50 x 5, 50 x 6, 60 x 6, 52 x 7, and 70 x 7. The cigars will have a second band in a bright teal color and be packed in 20 count bundles. The cigars are to be displayed on the 100 count white tray, which will hold 20 cigars of each size.

The MSRP for these cigars will range from $1.90 – $3.80 respectively.

This new addition to the family is sure to invite much more interest for those who fancy the Schizo cigar and we’re looking for a cigar with a similar price range in a Maduro blend.

Contact: Gaby Avila Eiroa


Phone: 1.800.253.1429

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